King of Mann

Since my last entry, I watched the latest Suddenly Royal episode and had to fire another salvo.? His Royal Buffooness has kept up the pace, I’ll say that.? First he smokes the clutch on a motorhome he rents in what looks like the first few miles.? The motorhome looked fairly new, so the clutch would have been, too.? He should have let his wife drive if he’s so incompetent with a manual transmission.? I wonder who has to pay for repairs.? That, however, was not what really irritated me.? The two things that got to me were the TT Races and King Orry.

“King” Dave’s “royal secretary” Lord Kiss-up, I mean Kevin, tells KD (my new designation for “King” Dave) that he will have entry to the VIP hospitality suite for the hoi polloi because of his status.? Upon arrival, Lord K tells KD that it fell through at the last minute, hinting that it was a plot against his kingship.? KD notes a security person that would keep him out.? Bull.? Anyone can get into the VIP suite who buys the VIP Club package.? (Click here for the one for the race KD went to)? Either Lord K was too cheap to buy the ticket, they were sold out or TLC thought it would be dramatic.? Perhaps all three.? As a consolation, KD gets to ride in a car with a professional stunt driver at high speed around the TT course.? Anyone can do that when the races aren’t being run for the day and, with no speed limits unless posted, it’s legal to go as fast as you want in sections.? I drove it in my ’63 Vette at some pretty high speeds when I lived there, so I know.? Since the Manx have a rigorous driver’s test (17% pass rate, including retests, when I took mine and passed on the first go) and traffic laws (there will always be a ticket for an accident, since someone was driving unsafely), they have surprisingly few accidents.? Notice that KD didn’t drive.? I guess TLC learned his competency with the motorhome incident.? Also notice he did not go with a TT racer.? They have sidecar racers, but they didn’t have KD ride on one of those bikes, probably for the same reason.

King Orry

King Orry

Then came KD’s trip to King Orry’s grave to honor his ancestor.? His ancestor?? I thought he was related to an English Earl, not a Celtic-Norse king.? And a semi-legendary one at that.? I wonder how he did that genealogy.? Then KD identifies King Orry as Godred Haroldson (as is speculated by a few historians), but A.W. Moore, in his authoritative A History of the Isle of Man, does not.? I suppose a king doesn’t need to read the history of his kingdom any more than he needs to prove his lineage.? Since KD can claim to be descended from a legendary king without proof, I can now reveal that I am descended from King Arthur and want my kingdom, too.? Prove I’m wrong.

Queen Elizabeth II, "nobility within the Royal House of Mann" according to "King" David

Queen Elizabeth II is “nobility within the Royal House of Mann” according to “King” David

However, what really frosted my corn flakes was when I stumbled upon his website, ? It deserves a full broadside.? Here’s a direct quote:?The dynastic Royal House of Mann has legalized status and recognition as an autonomous part of the United Kingdom constitutional monarchy system, by royal assent and proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, having binding effect by force of law. It was legalized as the ?Independent Kingdom of Mann?, establishing and confirming it as a separate historical institution with its own sovereignty, that predates the UK system.?? Let’s study this claim.? First, when did the Queen give royal assent and proclamation about KD’s claim?? He posted it in the London Gazette (not owned by the Queen, as stated in the show) and no one responded.? That doesn’t make it a legitimate claim.? The Queen doesn’t create monarchies and if she responded to every wack job that made claims of royalty, nobility, etc., it would lend them a legitimacy that they don’t have.? Better to ignore the little pests and let them fade away, as so many do.? There is no “binding force of law” here.? Where did KD come up with that?? It surely wasn’t from the Manx people.? The House of Keys (Manx elected parliament) has confirmed that the Queen is the Lord of Man and that there is no king!? For him to claim to be king is to go against the will of the very people he claims kingship over.? Perhaps the Manx need to handle this unwanted king the way the French handled Louis XVI.? He also mentions that the Kingdom of Mann predates the UK (United Kingdom).? So what?? The kingdoms of Scotland, Ireland and Wales also did.? That has nothing to do with anything.? The Isle of Man is not and never was a part of the UK, but is a Crown Dependency.? It has no more ever been a part of the UK than the USA was.? This paragraph shows that KD doesn’t even know the governmental status of the Isle of which he claims to be king.? I could go on about this joke of a website, but suffice it to say it is all as ignorant as that example paragraph.

One parting shot at the website is an official-looking UN logo and text on the right side that says, “The Dynastic Royal House of HRH Prince David, King of Mann, is recognized and supported by United Nations (UN) Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)”? The NGO listings include organizations like Baha’i International Community, The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and World Young Women’s Christian Association, to name just a few, but has nothing to do with governments (as noted in its name).? So what that has to do with KD’s claim, I have no idea.? However, I went to the list and The Dynastic Royal House of HRH Prince David, King of Mann was not on it!? Click here to see for yourself. ?Making false claims is not nice.? But then, that seems the modus operandi of KD.? I suppose he never expected to have anyone actually check him out.



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