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Three Legs of the Cauldron has been reviewed by Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker of Since she is quite knowledgeable of the location and the era, I had some trepidation.? Her closing line was “All together, a good first historical novel and worth the time of reading.”? For the complete review, click here.

I received a review of Three Legs of the Cauldron in the American Mensa Bulletin in October of 2016.? I was very pleased.? Here it is.

American Mensa Bulleting review

American Mensa Bulletin review

Kirkus Review liked Foul Shot.? Although I thought there was a little too much of the plot revealed, I was happy about what they said.? Here’s an except:? “In this noirish, sleek debut, a homicide cop finds his life complicated by a sexy stranger . . . the author finds a healthy balance between the inner conflicts of the characters and their outer actions, fulfilling our expectations of the genre.? Mixing romance and revenge, Cherry blends a potent, readable cocktail likely to appeal to fans of classic noir.”

I was interviewed online at

I was interviewed by The Union newspaper of Grass Valley, CA on December 20th of 2012.? Read it by clicking here.

Mike Bissel at radio station KVMR conducted an interview with me on December 19th of 2012.? It is in two parts, for the first one click here, and the second one click here.

The “Book Beginnings on Friday” and “The Friday 56 program” featured Christmas Cracker recently.? It was fun to interact with commenters.? Check it out at by clicking here.

A signing for the Eagle Readers Society

A book signing for Christmas Cracker with an open discussion was held in for the Eagle Readers Society in Eagle, ID on October 16, 2012.

Amazon Reviews of Christmas Cracker

Engaging story

I can never pass up a good detective novel, and if the said detective is a woman, well than, I am hooked from the outset. But that doesn’t mean I’ll keep reading if the novel can’t hold it’s own. RL Cherry does a great job keeping the reader guessing and engaged. The flow of this book was such that I read well past my bed time! Characters are well built and, as always, Cherry does a great job with this story.

I’m surprised?
By Just my humble opinion
I admit to being surprised to learn that the author is an American. This novel has the pacing and humor of a classic British whodunit, and introduces me to a new and complex heroine. Well done. Encore.

Loved it!?
By Driftnbait
I could not put this book down! It is different from most mysteries. It has a real twist for the conclusion and keeps you in suspense throughout the story. I look forward to reading R. L. Cherry’s next book!

Twists and Turns
By LM Clements
I started this book a couple of times and was always interrupted. Once I actually had time to just sit and read it, I didn’t want to stop. I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and the first thing I picked up the next morning was this book. It’s different. This author has a style all his own. Lots of twists and turns. His main character is interesting and I hope there will be another book featuring her in the not too distant future.

Goodreads Review

Kayt18 rated it 5 of 5 stars false

I received this free in a goodreads giveaway and am so glad i did. very entertaining read. enjoyable writing that puts you in the mix, you get drawn into the characters. wonderful characters that you want to hang out with or smack in some cases. lovely descriptions of the areas and scenery gives you a true sense of being there. would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys mysteries.

Amazon Reviews of Foul Shot
5.0 out of 5 stars I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN !! June 27, 2013

It kept me in suspense all the way to the very end! I loved the way it has a true meaning and makes you think about it after you have finished the book. It is definitely one of the best mysteries I have read in quite while!!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Seat of Your Pants kind of Book! June 24, 2013

Foul Shot by R.L. Cherry, is a seat of your pants type of book. Mr. Cherry takes you on quite a suspenseful ride with his characters and believe me, you are never going to guess what happens from one chapter to the next. His characters come alive and you feel as though you have a front row seat at movie theatre but actually part of the script wondering what will happen next.The suspense is riveting and the story line keeps you turning the pages wanting to learn what lies ahead but all the while praying this book would never end so you can keep on being entertained.I had to leave the story for I was working on a project that stole away my time but I couldn’t help but think about this story and waiting to come back to it wondering if we could possibly guess what was next.My husband and I were reading this book together and we could hardly wait to get back to it to see if either of us had the mystery figured out.It is staged with a relationship between Vince as a Detective of the Chicago Police Department and his girlfriend Gina. It is difficult to say how to categorize this book as it is not your typical love story and not even a romance. It’s not a mystery though it does keep you in suspense and it is not cop and robber type story either. Mr. Cherry manages to take all the genres and combine them all so you can’t predict the ending.What it is you will have to decide for yourself so we don’t give away this story line.

What we will tell you is that it involves these two main characters, a thug or mob related person, a story line that keeps you in suspense because just as you think you have a situation figured out, a new twist to the story line comes along and takes you in a different direction.? While at first you want a sequel so you can read more about the characters lives, for us, we decided we can’t wait to read Mr. Cherry’s next new novel. This is one Author we will be watching to read more about.? This is a really good read and you won’t want to miss his other great book Christmas Cracker.? Thank you Mr. R. L. Cherry for your book that took us away from every day life and into a different life.

Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins
Author of: Reflections of Mamie: A Story of Survival