Foul Shot

Foul Shot

Story Overview

Chicago Police detective Vince Bonelli’s life had been organized and comfortable when sexy Gina Gallo blew into it. Like a whirlwind, she changed everything, destroying parts of Vince?s life as she drew him close to her.  Yet, while physical intimacy was not a problem for her, she would not let Vince past her mental and emotional barricades. The question is will they survive the devils of Gina’s past and of Vince’s present? While Vince was a cop, it is not a cop story. While there is mystery, it is not a mystery. While there is romance, it is not a romance. Part suspense and part drama, Foul Shot describes how Vince found that, while his life after meeting Gina was never dull, it was often traumatic and sometimes deadly.

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