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New Books On The Way by R. L. Cherry
More books by R. L. Cherry soon to be available, including mystery, suspense and historical fiction.

St. Christopher Murders

While once a major city in 1851, during the California Gold Rush, Buggy Springs has since become a quiet, quaint town of about 3,000 citizens. However, it has events that draw visitors from many miles around. One of the main ones is the annual Fourth of July Parade. The town is festooned with red, white and blue bunting and American flags. Local groups and politicians join with the fire and police departments in the parade, many with floats or classic vehicles to add to the festivities as crowds on the sidewalks cheer and wave flags. Being proud of his Scottish heritage, Father Robert Bruce enjoys marching with the Celtic Society to the skirling of the bagpipes. It’s a fun time. That is, until he stumbles over a man’s body. Literally stumbles. As he investigates, he finds a fifty-year-old story of brutality and assault that had been hidden by the local high school and the chief of police. But as he unburies this travesty of justice, he finds many more skeletons in peoples’ closets. Is this murder a tale of earthly revenge or maybe of an avenging ghost?

Check out R.L. Cherry’s book – St. Christopher Murders

Greek Week 

Morg is back as she takes a cruise with her best friend, Heather, for a reunion for Heather’s university sorority. When people start to die, are old rivalries at play?

The Hills Are Dead

Morg is crashing through Austria to help her best and only friend, Heather.

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