Humor during the Pandemic


If you’re like most people who are spending a lot more time online during this COVID-19 siege (and you must be or how are you reading this), then you must have received a flood of emails about it.  Some spout conspiracy theories worthy of the tin-foil hat societies, some have spurious ways to avoid catching and/or ways to cure the coronavirus, a few actually give good advice on how to avoid this plague and some are humorous.  Some of those are jokes, some are funny signs, some are videos and some are songs.  But why the humor during this pandemic when it is such a serious and depressing matter?  It is a coping mechanism, a way to handle that which we cannot handle.  It is being very human and in a way that doesn’t hurt and just might help us mentally.


Now humor is isn’t the only way of coping with isolation and social distancing, also known as shelter-in-place or shelter-at-home.  You could sit with mounds of junk food, drinking yourself into oblivion while binge-watching Friends reruns.  Or keep tabs on the inspiring live CNN updated tallies of cases and deaths, both worldwide and in the U.S., 24/7, while some talking heads recap what’s already been said umpteen times.  That’s healthy, right?  Or you could make numerous trips to every store open for more TP, Kleenex and paper towels,  “Yeah, Martha, the dang two-car garage is already full of TP, so I guess we’ll have to buy a storage shed for the rest.  Don’t wanna run out, ya know.”  That’s helpful.  I wasn’t aware of the diarrhea pandemic, but someone must be.  Many psychologists say the hoarding is a way to exercise some control over that which we have no control.  Real exercise, not watching CNN and buying TP,  is much better, but doesn’t satisfy as much, I guess.  However, I still prefer humor.


I do not forward all the conspiracy theories, political junk, and false information that is sent to me.  I do forward humor.  I collect the funniest pieces sent to me, as well as find them myself on the Internet, then send them to some of my friends and family who might enjoy them.  It keeps me occupied and, from the reactions of recipients, brightens their dark days a little.  It sure brightens mine.  I also am writing more, but more on that later.  Now I will try to brighten your day with a few of what I think are the best of the Net (not Netflix).  Scroll down and enjoy.  After all, what else do you have to do?  It’s better than watching CNN.  If you want to share one with me, please do so.


Not all politically correct.


Cheers got it years ago.

Solution to TP shortage?

VIDEO SONGS:  *Some of these were made long enough ago that advice has changed, like wearing masks, so check with the CDC for updates.  While some have a little politics in them, they do not necessarily represent my own views.  They’re just funny and some of these people are very talented.

Again a little political, but funny.

Once more, a little political, but good fun.