Let’s talk about books … and cars at Booktown Books

Local News | June 29, 2018 | The Union

The Union columnist and local author Ron Cherry will be doing a book signing as well as discussing how the local scene played a part in his writing. He has written six books, one suspense novel, one Celtic historical novel, two P.I. Morgana Mahoney mysteries and two Father Robert Bruce mysteries.

His latest book, “The St. Christopher Murders,” is the second in his Father Robert Bruce series. Having lived in Nevada City for over 18 years, his inspiration for the books came from the local community and Trinity Episcopal Church, where he has been a regular since moving here.

“To say that our patch of Nevada County is colorful and unique would be an understatement,” Cherry said. “In my Father Bruce books, I use places and people inspired by living here. He lives in Buggy Springs instead of Nevada City, but it’s a lot like Nevada City dragged over to Downieville’s location.”

As Cherry has been in Nevada County for several years, he uses his personal experiences to enhance his writing.

“Some places and events are closer to reality than others,” he said. “I’ve been heavily involved in this community almost since the day I moved here.”

Cherry will be holding a book signing from 2-4 p.m. Sunday at Booktown Books for his latest book, “The St. Christopher Murders” and answering questions about how the local community inspired the book.

He said he would also be happy to talk with anyone about cars as he has been The Union’s columnist the past 12 years.

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