Santa Claus Is Coming to Town . . . in a Stretch Limo!

My name is R. L. Cherry and I am a Christmas junkie.? All my life I have loved Christmas. My wife never has to bug me to put up the Christmas lights, haul out the decorations or shop for the tree.? I’m ready, willing and able.? Well, normally able.? Not long after Kelly and I were married, my parents bought me a Santa Claus suit.? It wasn’t an expensive one, but I wore it for years.? When our daughter was born, Santa regularly visited our house on Christmas eve.? Unfortunately, the suit was lost in transit when we moved back to sunny California from the Isle of Man in 1999.? So Kelly bought me a new and better one in 2000 and the rest is history.

Santa in a 1948 Van Pelt Fire Engine

I have worn it at the Roamin Angel toy drives and even riding there on a fire engine.? I loved talking to the kids who came by.? My favorite time was when a little boy asked me, “Are you the real? Santa Claus?”? “What do you think?”? I said. He paused, carefully studying me.? “I’m not sure,” he finally said.


I have also worn it bell-ringing for the Gold Country Celtic Society to raise funds for the Salvation Army.? The Scottish Santa elicited a number of comments,

Santa in kilt ringing his bell with piper Mike Carr

all positive.? My favorite was, “I knew Santa had to be Scottish.”? Again, the kids were a real kick.? They readily accepted Santa in a kilt.? I told those who questioned me that I was Santa MacClaus.? And no, there is no Ronald MacClaus.




Santa arrives in style in his Anthony’s Airport Service limo in Nevada City.

But my latest venture in the suit was the classiest, one in a stretch limo.? Jay Cooper, from Riebes Auto Parts (who has done so much to support the Roamin Angels and their charitable projects), asked if Santa would come to their company Christmas party last Saturday night.? Santa was glad to oblige.? Since parking in Nevada City at that time is scarce, Jay offered to sent a limo Riebes had hired for a few hours.? When Tony from Anthony’s Airport Service arrived, he was as excited as if visions of sugarplums were dancing in his head.

When Santa arrived at the restaurant, Tony double-parked as Santa disembarked.? He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot and the town all thought it was a hoot.? People were calling, “Hi, Santa,” waving and taking pictures.? Santa laughed so hard his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly.? Once in the restaurant, Santa handed out presents to all the Riebes managers and even to Bart Riebe himself.? Then almost all of the party-goers and many of the restaurant staff sat on his knee for pictures.? However, his favorite time was when a little five-year-old girl sat on his lap and told him about a unicorn she wanted for Christmas.? It was a real “Santa moment.”

Hey, there’s room back here for bags of toys and all eight reindeer, too!

On his way out of the restaurant, Santa paused to greet patrons and passers-by, as well as to pose with many for “photo ops.”? All too soon, it was over and Santa laid a finger aside of his nose, gave a nod, and into the limo he goes.? And he exclaimed, as he rode through the night, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Okay, some critics might complain that this post is in both first and third person.? So, time for a reality check.? I am R. L. Cherry and I am Santa Claus.? Wait, what’s with that straightjacket?? No, I really am Santa Claus.? I even have pictures to prove it!? Do I need a lawyer?

2 thoughts on “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town . . . in a Stretch Limo!

  1. You are a man after my own heart. I love Christmas and was told it always looks like a Christmas ball exploded in my home. I consider that a wonderful compliment. You make a great Santa and your love for what you are doing shows.
    I have saved your page in my favorites and plan to visit often.

    • This year’s tree is the shortest for many years: eight foot. We have a 22 foot ceiling and I like to use it. Twelve feet works fine. One year my wife was out of town, so my adult daughter and I chose the tree from a cut-your-own lot. When we got it home and put it up, I said, “Hmmm, we may have gotten carried away.” I had to buy a new ladder to trip that 18 footer. If our ceiling fan had been closer to the tree, it would have decapitated the angel on top!

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