Oscars Wild in 2013

Well, there there were a few risque gowns, but from what I’ve seen online, there were also some stunning ones.? Probably that had to do with women like Halle Berry wearing them.? I mean, women like Halle could wear sackcloth and look good.? Well, considering Helena Bonham Carter’s attire, maybe not.? Still, more class than some other years.? But the emcee?? Hmmm.



Not being a “Family Guy” fan, Seth McFarlane is not my hero and he lived up to his status on Sunday.? While he can sing better than most, if not all, previous hosts, “We Saw Your B—-” is hardly an Academy Awards-worthy song.? His jokes, though tempered to non-existent as the night wore (and bore) on, were offensive at best.? But isn’t that what should be expected from Seth?? Does humor have to be coarse to be funny?? Bob Hope may have had old, tired jokes as the years piled up, but he had class, a way of delivering what you knew was coming in a way that got a laugh.

Women’s, Jewish and family-oriented organizations hated the show.? But it had its highest ratings since 2007.? Why?? From my aerie in the Sierra Nevada Foothills (and from my online reading), I see two reasons.? First, the nominees for best picture were mostly big successes on the silver screen.? Second, we’ve come to love watching jerks be jerks.? That includes emcees.? Offensive is good.? So expect more of the same in the future, because nothing matters but the ratings.

That’s my take on the the awards ceremony named after Margaret Herrick’s Uncle Oscar.

2 thoughts on “Oscars Wild in 2013

  1. I agree with you completely that the Academy knew what they were doing when they hired Seth: opting for the common rather than for class. I did not tune in for that reason. I saw a few clips on U-tube and that was enough for me. The problem is that the Oscars have been cheapened. It’s not that I’m some super prude. I enjoy the double entendres of the old Marx Brothers movies as well as modern ones (well, relatively) like Young Frankenstein. I enjoyed L.A. Story. But I also am one who enjoys dressing to the nines for events that merit them and expect men to act appropriately when women and children are around. In other words, I’m a dinosaur. I even take my hat (normally a snap-brim fedora) off when I enter a restaurant, elevator or church. Maybe I’ll organize a “Get a little class” society or something like that to find like-minded souls and encourage the youth to revel in rather than rebel against things like appropriate dress and language.

    BTW I am now following your blog

  2. while I agree with most of what you say, I see things a little differently.
    First the Oscars knew what they were doing when they got Seth for a host. They knew he had vulgar humor and a whole different view on comedy as most do.
    So people tuning in I would say almost EXPECTED him to be outrageous. Me myself while I agree with what you said about humor not having to be vulgar to be funny e.g. Bob Hope. I also am a family guy fan, an American Dad fan too, so I guess my sense of humor is warped too. I guess in a way we see things the same yet differently, I myself saw him as boring and not as bizarre as he could have been. But at the same time I respect him for being sorta “clean cut” due to the nature of minors who were there being nominated for Oscars.
    As for the “OSCAR PICKS” my biggest disappointment was that Ben Affleck didn’t get nominated for best director. Argo won many awards but they closed him out, must be those politics again. Living in Iran for 4 years, I can’t wait to see Argo, while I wasn’t a student being rescued in Iran I was a POW camp survivor, and would really like to see how well they depict this country and it’s fanatical religion.
    Thank you, visit my blog sometime. http://www.lorissong.com

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